Ancient Castle of the Dogs


Originally begun as part of a cancelled Bob 3 adventure game, this action-adventure game delights in bad puns and giant dogs (with weak spots on their noses). Features some programming and design elements from Glynth and originally released to Glynth’s website right before New Year’s Eve 1997. The last game I released to use the “star system” of recurring characters playing different roles.

In 2012, ZZTer and Glorious Trainwrecker Viovis/ghettowreath published a write-up of Ancient Castle of the Dogs as a “ZZT Essential.”

Bob 2: A New Adventure


Bob 2 is a lot like Bob: The Adventure in time. It’s a little more sophisticated in its mission structure, but it’s also really not. It was released within a couple months of its predecessor. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this game is its reuse and recasting of the characters from the first Bob game in new roles, like actors. Not that these were terribly deep characters.

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Bob: The Adventure


My first completed ZZT game, Bob: The Adventure is an attempt at mimicking the comedy adventure games like Llama Masters (by Scott Hammack) that I really enjoyed at the time.

I cannot quite figure out exactly when the game was first released, though I estimate in September or October 1997, since I worked on it over the summer. That was the same summer I discovered ZZT. At the time, I did not have Internet access at home nor my own website, so the game was released on my cousin Glynth’s website.

ZZT games require ZZT to run. Download it from Z2.