Watch Ducks II


In this game, YOU will WATCH DUCKS from a PARK BENCH.

WATCH the DUCKS and get POINTS! The game ends when you hit ESC! Get as many POINTS as you can!

WATCH DUCKS II is a direct sequel to the 2010 Pirate Kart II hit WATCH DUCKS. This exciting new entry in the WATCH DUCKS franchise features numerous improvements over its predecessor including:

  • Four all-new ducks (a significant improvement over WD1’s three ducks)!
  • Recolored and remastered background environment!
  • Challenging new sleep system. Watch your character to make sure he doesn’t go to sleep and miss ducks!
  • Altered system for gold duck appearance and bonuses!
  • New silver duck multiplier bonus!

Also, press F4 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes.

Made for Pirate Kart V.