Zem! 2 Level Pack


Zem! 2 was well-received, but it was frequently noted that its level design was excessively simple and presented no real challenge. Speaking to fellow ZZTers in the chat rooms of the day, the plan was hatched to collect levels from the community rather than have a traditional sequel. The game features twenty-five stages from ten contributors in addition to myself. Contributors include Gunner, Scribbit, Viovis, Glynth, tseng, and more. Levels tended toward greater challenge and some contributors programmed some interesting new elements.

Released about half a year after the original Zem! 2.

ZZT games require ZZT to run. Download it from Z2.

The Grand Mage


In the ancient and magical land of Nellad, the righteous Sacred Practice has ruled for many years. The Evil Brotherhood now threatens that order, and only you, The Grand Mage, can protect the world from evil.

My only completed Megazeux game (I was also working on a comedy game called Blow Up Stuff and a real-time strategy game), this fantasy platformer uses the Jumper engine by XR3. It’s short and it’s pretty simple.

This is set in the same world as my first 24 Hours of ZZT game Night Conjure.

Megazeux games require Megazeux to run. Download it from Digital MZX.

Zem! 2


While Zem! asked players to manipulate a cursor that plotted blocks to help shepherd a lemming to an exit, Zem! 2 puts you in control of the same lemming, Zem. Zem still marches on, but now the player can intervene to grant him abilities based on those in the original Lemmings game by Psygnosis.

This sequel was released just a month and a half after the first Zem!

Zem! and its first sequel were profiled by Dr. Dos in the “Closer Look” series in August 2016.

ZZT games require ZZT to run. Download it from Z2.