Parallel Problems

A puzzle-platformer featuring a reality-shifting mechanic that takes you between two parallel worlds—but the worlds are identical, with one being offset by about 52 inches from the other.

Made for Utah Indie Game Jam 2023.

Features “Vaata” by Fupi (CC0 license), “Meeting Place” by Snabisch (used under CC-BY-3.0 license).


Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed

In development for over a year, Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed is the followup to 2017’s well-received action platformer, Ungrateful Birds. Bigger, better, and with more birds, this game invites you back to the forest to once again free the birds from their cages and dodge the rocks they so ungratefully hurl at you.

Ten types of birds in over three dozen stages await. And now you can play with up to two players in a simultaneous local cooperative mode!

No Good Deed is released as pay-what-you-want, but if you pay $5.99 USD or more, you get access to Ungrateful Birds: Call of the Desert as well.

Ungrateful Birds: Call of the Desert

The sequel to Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed, this game offers new types of birds and sixteen all-new, unique stages. With environments inspired by the red-rock deserts of Southern Utah and the Navajo Nation.

Ungrateful Birds: Call of the Desert is available alongside Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed for $5.99 USD or more. Also for up to two players.