Game Development and Me

An archive of all the games released by me, John D. Moore, from 1997 to the present. From an early age, I designed video games on paper. Starting around 1996, I began coding in QBASIC, working on a few simple Zork-like text adventures. One of these was uploaded to AOL, but is now lost to time.

In 1997, my cousin introduced me to ZZT, the ANSI-based game creation system, and I began programming comedy adventure games. I retired from ZZT game-making officially in 2002. My best-received ZZT works were the Zem! series.

In addition to ZZT, I also worked with game creation systems like OHRRPGCE, MegaZeux, and Bang!

2009 saw my return to game development as I began working with the Game Maker. My first released Game Maker game was an experiment in level design called About a Ball. Beginning in 2010, I began participating in Glorious Trainwrecks events, producing simple and often comic games in brief bursts of time.

In 2012, I released my most polished and complex game, Caverns of Khron, which spent the better part of a year in development.

Currently, I am actively developing a couple of longer projects, while still participating in the occasional Glorious Trainwreck event or weekend game jam. Watch this page for more information.

About My Games

As a hobbyist developer, all of my games are currently freeware. At present, all of my games are designed for Microsoft Windows platforms. While porting to browsers, Android, and Apple platforms are good ideas, and I hope to port some of my projects at some point, such is unfeasible for me at the moment.

If you’d like to support my games or show your appreciation, please consider the following:

  • Download the game from my itch.io storefront and pitch in a dollar or two when prompted. My games are freeware, but I accept tips!
  • Share my games with your friends
  • Blog about or link to my games on social media
  • Write to me using my contact form or tweet at me on Twitter. Just knowing that you’re playing and enjoying my games is inspiring!

By the way, please consider doing all of the above for any indie game developer whose work you admire. It’s hard to describe just how nice it feels to be told that your creative work is appreciated! A little note can really brighten someone’s day.

Other Projects

Currently living in Eugene, Oregon, I am also a filmmaker, a writer, a cartoonist, and a scholar of Japanese literature, film, and animation. To see my other work visit my homepage.

Page last updated May 3, 2017