Dr. Creepinscare’s Pumpkin Patch Match


Beloved spooky character Dr. Creepinscare is here with a special Halloween challenge just for you! Arrange the similarly-carved pumpkins into patterns as they fall to earn points and take on Dr. Creepinscare’s own high score! Get help from his pet kitty cat and disappear skulls for a big bonus!

Make 2×2, 3×2, or 3×3 (with something else in the middle) pumpkin patch shapes. The bigger shapes earn you more points!

This game features a voice performance by Boris, a most excellent cat.

I like to imagine this as a forgotten licensed game for an obscure children’s TV property.



In this game, you play “X-Files” star David Duchovny. Mr. Duchovny has found himself trapped inside a game of Tetris (Tetris + Duchovny = Tetrovny!). You must help him escape so he can get to the outside world and tryst with pop superstar Britney Spears.

But it won’t be so easy. Besieged by the falling blocks, Mr. Duchovny must find the key that will grant him his escape. But the door is so far away and Fat Albert keeps interfering! Never fear. When the pogo stick cannot help you, call upon Saddam Hussein to clear the way.

The game was designed and programmed in 2003 (in one heady night) by myself, Brian Polak, and WiL Whitlark in a then-in development engine “adv” was designing called Bang!. This zip file includes the files needed to run Bang!. Before playing, please read the “readmefirst.txt” document.

Note that this game was one of several Bang! project I worked on, but the only one that was ever completed. This is technically the Special Edition, since it has native support for joysticks.

An archive for Bang! files, games, and resources, run by Jotz, can be found here (warning: sketchy webhost).