Skeletons in the Closet PLUS


Find all bottles to move onto next stage. Avoid skeletons.

Use arrows to move, X to jump.

A tribute to IBM compatible games in CGA mode and an enhanced remake of jfroco’s game Skeletons in the Closet, a tribute to Sinclair ZX Spectrum games.

This is a very late submission to this most excellent idea for hugs’s No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam!

jfroco’s game is a tribute to the style of ZX-82 games, which they grew up on. I really liked the game when I played it in Pirate Kart V. Personally, I don’t have any particular nostalgia for the Spectrum, but my equivalent would be early Apogee-type shareware platformers . So my little headcanon is that this is the MS-DOS port from the late 1980s that alters the original Spectrum game, moves things around, and expands it a bit. All three original stages are adapted for this twelve-stage version!

Vector the Crocodile Wants a Lot of Rings


Vector the Crocodile is in an old abandoned fortress full of rings. He wants these rings! A lot of them! The game has THREE EXCITING ENDINGS depending on how many rings Vector gets.

Press X to jump.

Press UP to go in the red door when you’re done.

The Vector sprite was made by Yuski.

Made for the Vector 3D Jam Multi-Game Pirate Kart.

Darkwing Duck RPG

My only finished project in the OHRRPGCE engine, Darkwing Duck RPG is a short game that takes sees Disney’s Darkwing Duck character facing off against some of his biggest nemeses on his home turf of St. Canard.

I taught myself the engine while making this game. Hence its brevity, and its exploratory feeling.

Once upon a time, I was planning a much larger sequel with dozens of locations, more weapons and party members, and a much more intricate storyline.

This zip file includes a compatible version of OHRRPGCE, a program for DOS.